See if cracking your bones is healthy.

Crack, Pop and Snap : When you crack your knuckles, what causes the crack? For a long time, we were told cracking our joints caused arthritis. So what is the real story here? The Chemistry and Physics of Cracking knuckles : Inside the joint capsule of your knuckles is a […]

5 Best Foods for Arthritis and Joint Pain

Arthritis is a medical disease. It is the tenderest of bone. In our body, there are 206 bones. The bones contain or carry calcium inside. The calcium makes the bones strong, stiff and unbreakable. The human body contains 206 bones, which are connecting to each other. The major role of […]

How to Respond to Anger Well

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Learn About the Three Phases of Anger We have all had times when we’ve been consumed by the fire of anger.  It’s a powerful force that can burst into flames in minutes, burning ourselves and others if we let it. Anger can cause feelings of guilt, regret, or shame and […]

What makes a person boring?

  THINGS THAT MAKE A PERSON BORING? 1. People with no ambition People who sit back and don’t strive to be better in their lives. Dreamers are rarely boring. People with ambition are interesting and others around them gravitate towards interesting them. People with no sense of adventure People who […]

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