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You Belong To The Family

Mpumi Thobela

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Mpumi Thobela

Mpumi Thobela

Thobela is a female born at a township in Mpumalanga on the 20th of July 1986. She is currently employed as a News Reader and for news Journalist at Ubuthebe FM (UB FM). She was raised at Pienaar by both her parents and is a sister to three siblings.

Thobela grew up in a disadvantaged family with both parents as street vendors but feels privileged to the fact that the family did not go to bed on an empty stomach. However, the situation at home was an eye opener and made her realize it is important to grow up to be a responsible, strong and successful woman for the sake of her parents and my siblings whom are looking up to Thobela as their older sister.

In 2013, she volunteered for community work at a non-profit organization where children from disadvantaged backgrounds (neglected, abused, HIV/Aids infected and living with TB) were assisted with basic needs such as food parcels and clothes, as the main mandate of the organization.

The organization benefited the children because they would have eaten before heading home go, those infected would be assisted with receiving the correct medication, some were provided counseling especially abuse victims. They would also get to be motivated and inspired to study, finish school and pursue their careers.

She appreciates the opportunity provided by the Organization since she was able to give back to her community, being thankful for the way her life is and assisting the lives of those in need.


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