Mr Chillax

Mr Chillax

Selby Shabangu was born Kabokweni Clau-Clau trust. He started school at Macamela Lower Primary school. But his mother got married he then moved with his mother to Swalala trust.

Things became hard for Shabangu and his family after they lost the head of the family, it was very hard for his mother, but then they survived by the grace of God.

He made peace with God after he committed himself with church activities as he became a choir master for Sunday school, the life style developed in him while his choir always scored number 1 in competitions.

After his matric he started committing himself in the Mass Choir that’s where he was recognized by one Producer Mr J.F Skwambane from Power of God Since he was also a Zionist at Catholic King Dom of God, that’s where it all started, Mr Chillax was inspired by Solly Moholo and the late Fulani Gumbo when he met them for the first time in Johannesburg after Mr J.F Skwambane took him to a recording studio in Joburg.

Shabangu “Mr Chillax” he is now a song writer, producer and house music vocalist. He went to Institution College to learn more about it and he got himself a certificate in Computer.

Mr J.F Skwambane manage to help Mr Chillax and his choir to record a hit album, that made most of the gospel groups want to feature them on their albums.

Groups he formed:

  • A group called “SMS Train” formed with Edward Zulu
  • Afro – Pop group called “Chillax” it was a group of three members in the year 2005.

And they managed to work out an album which was titled “Africa”. It was loved and supported by a lot of people including Mr Siphosezwe Masango. They were booked almost in every week by the Department of Education, Health and the Department of Transport.

Mr Chillax and his group decided to split because of having different points of views within the group.

That’s when he became Mr Chillax. His first solo album titled “Sobabili” was a played in all local radio stations in the Mpumalanga Province.

He won three wards of the South African Community Radio Awards (SACRA). He also won awards from the Beauty Fashion and Music Awards.

He collaborated with a lot of local and national artist such as Senior General from the Eyakho Crew, Beat Movement, VWP, Dj Acesa, Dj Ethy, Elnah, Miss Tweet the DJ, Kronicsa & Saxophone any many more. He shot a couple of music videos that is on You Tube.  His own words “I got motivated when I was invited on ETv for lotto draw selecting and Soweto TV hosted me to know better about my music as Mr Chillax. I’m not signed with any company but using my own company to push my music and social media works for me

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