Tue. Jun 18th, 2019


You Belong To The Family

Mamba Nkosinathi

Mamba Nkosinathi is a Life Coach and Professional Motivational Speaker alongside with Mr. Meshack J. Nkosi and also a graduate from the University of Cape Town (UCT).

Maybe I am smart, I am not sure but one thing I am sure of is that I am not super intelligent, however, I am a hard-worker and a persistent person.

Some readers might be concerned that what do I know about SA schools and education as I do not possess a qualification in education.

Why do I write a book about schools and education whilst I’m not an educator by profession or an expert in education? 

Some of you might feel strongly that I am naive about schools and education and I don’t know what I am writing about.

If you didn’t know any better, today I am 26 years old and for the past 16 years which is half of my life I lived, I’ve been cooked and baked from a school factory. 

I was schooled, I’ve undergone schooling thus I am a school product as I was schooled myself.

Hence, I do not need to be an expert to express what I’ve encountered at school.

I experienced school directly, and felt the heat directly, I talk not about things I’ve read or watched on TV however I talk about things which impacted on my life directly I do not need to be an expert.

I feel strongly that I have all the rights to write about SA schools and education.

In considering what distinguishes me from education experts, I speak my mind, I refuse to speak something which I’ve read and memorized from a library then come and tell people hell No!!

I speak my own experience and encounter. Read about his book here.

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