Nonhlanhla "Nono"

* Radio host at UB FM LIVE

Young black intelligent Woman, who grew up in the township of Pienaar, in the dusty fields of Daanjie location.

Born in Kanyamazane clinic in 1989 October 30. A second born in a family of 6 with 3 siblings, the Rose among thorns. A Daughter to Phillip and Elizabeth Khundula.

She was raised and groomed in the streets an community of Pienaar, started school at Tiboneleni Primary School in 1997 and completed high school at Mayibuye High School in 2007 where she obtained great communication skills through debate an drama. Then furthered her studies at  computer schools.

Nonhlanhla also known as lady NONO is a bubbly singer, songwriter and performer, with a great sense of humor, A sales representative by profession.

Growing up in the township thought her to be strong and to be independent. In 2015_she joined the strong team of UB FMLIVE where she fell in love with  radio, there she learned more about working with the community  to bring change together with UB FM LIVE, by the power of peer education, and grooming the new generation via communication.

She host an amazing show called Maximum Fun which airs every Sunday from 10:00AM to 13:00PM, the show is vibrant, educational, motivational and fun, Nono’s show differs to others as it accommodates everyone, its uniqueness grows the youth into powerful individuals via its skills, catch her every Sunday from 10:AM to 13:00PM_and have fun fun fun.

“Things changed the moment I realised that I actually lost both my parents, it’s just me and my sister and I look around me, I see young people suffer, most of them they did not go to school due to lack of funds and some they ran away from home because of the abuse they face for not being raised by their parents. I told myself that that will not stand on my way to success; I wanted to be a testimony. And yes I am because now I am on a commercial online station (Ubuthebe FM Live), a station that talks to every young person who wants to make it in life and those who wants just to give up because of life they think it’s not fair to them, life yes it’s not fair to anyone but once you make a decision that you want to do it, you can and you will, you just have to make your dream a reality, this radio station has been able to change people’s lives for the better.