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Nozipho Zulu was born at Shongwe Hospital in 1987 and she was raised by her mother and her grandmother was still alive, she is the first born child and it happened that she was the only grandchild that her grandmother had to raise. “It was fun that I got everything I wanted from my uncles and anyone who visited home. Growing up being raised by my mom and grandmother was actually great. As for my father he was not always available but he loved me so much because every time he was around he would make sure that he visited me and would also have something just to cheer me I guess. She said.

“I have a younger sister but we did not grow up together because I had to move from Mgobodi to Clau-Clau to live with my uncle. Growing up living with my uncle was not so great it was just fine i managed to finish all my grades including my grade 12.”

Nozipho lost her mother in the year 2014. Then she knew that she was all by herself. “Things changed the moment I realised that I actually lost both my parents, it’s just me and my sister and I look around me, I see young people suffer, most of them they did not go to school due to lack of funds and some they ran away from home because of the abuse they face for not being raised by their parents. I told myself that that will not stand on my way to success; I wanted to be a testimony. And yes I am because now I am on a commercial online station (Ubuthebe FM Live), a station that talks to every young person who wants to make it in life and those who wants just to give up because of life they think it’s not fair to them, life yes it’s not fair to anyone but once you make a decision that you want to do it, you can and you will, you just have to make your dream a reality, this radio station has been able to change people’s lives for the better.

“I’m glad to have made a decision to be part of this amazing radio station now I live to see other people smile because they are making it out there.


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