Tue. Jun 18th, 2019


You Belong To The Family

Vusi Kunene

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Vusi Kunene

Vusi Kunene

Kunene is a 26 years old male born and bred in Swaziland. He is a brother to five siblings.

He comes from a disadvantaged background, resulting in him having to drop out of school in grade 11 to make means of putting food on the table. Through perseverance and being God-fearing he is currently employed as a (put his position and not the company he works for) in South Africa and with the salary he gets he is now able to take his siblings to school and look after his unemployed parents.

Kunene donates blood and believes that it is a just course that people should be a part of because it has the power to save lives. He has written his own journey from which he hopes that those from the same background will learn from.

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